Cyber Security

The most urgent Cyber Security issue for all businesses is cyber fraud. The FBI values losses so far at about 5 billion USD.

  • Spear Phishing is a sophisticated form of fraud using Social Engineeringacross corporate communications media such as email.
  • Whaling is the specific targeting of individual senior managers and owners with in a company with the view to impersonate and falsify internal instructions.


Attacks are specifically targeted against individuals with in organisations using information that has been meticulously researched and then used to digitally impersonate the target. The purpose of the scheme is to trick a user, often an accounts officer, into handing over passwords or paying money or invoices that have been altered with the Scammers bank details.

Traditional anti malware and anti spam systems cannot detect this activity because there is no digitally malicious material in the mail to trigger the filters. The mail comes from a trusted source and is generally designed to trick the user rather than damage the network.

In light of recent media coverage it’s surprising just how many small businesses are still complacent having no real cyber security strategy in place, or have some measures but continue practices that undermine those initiatives.

ANE takes an holistic approach to cyber security, meaning that we advise on a raft of measures both practical and structural that form layers of cyber security around your business.

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Replication Technology

The ultimate in recovery- time gap- risk management is server replication technology. Previously only available to businesses with large IT budgets, advances in technology have dramatically reduced the cost of these solutions making it accessible for small business. The strategy reduces the time required to restore a backup image to service from days or weeks to minutes. The replication can be set to live fail over or manual fail over depending on available budget, but even with manual fail over its just a matter of flicking a switch so to speak.

When operational, the system takes a live snapshot of the entire environment at predetermined intervals as tight as every 5 minutes if desired. A reserve pool of up to 24 snapshots are kept, these are consecutively overwritten as the cycle progresses creating a fall back position in the event a Crypto attack or other catastrophic event.

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