Cyber Immunity

We have been managing cybersecurity for our valued customers long before it became a widely-discussed topic. With years of hands on experience including for a bank, we understand the importance of securing your valuable information. Our approach is tailored to your specific business needs and the type of data you need to protect.
We use a layered approach that’s customized and continually refined to ensure optimal protection against cyber threats.

  • Application Control
  • Application Patching
  • Restricting Administrative privileges
  • Patching Operating Systems
  • Configure Microsoft Office Macro settings
  • Application Hardening
  • Multifactor Authentication) Regular Back Ups.

Their list demonstrates that good security is the result of a raft of measures not just one.


Replication Technology

The ultimate in recovery- time gap- risk management is server replication technology. Previously only available to businesses with large IT budgets, advances in technology have dramatically reduced the cost of these solutions making it accessible for small business. The strategy reduces the time required to restore a backup image to service from days or weeks to minutes. The replication can be set to live fail over or manual fail over depending on available budget, but even with manual fail over its just a matter of flicking a switch so to speak.

When operational, the system takes a live snapshot of the entire environment at predetermined intervals as tight as every 5 minutes if desired. A reserve pool of up to 24 snapshots are kept, these are consecutively overwritten as the cycle progresses creating a fall back position in the event a Crypto attack or other catastrophic event.

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